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From Big Data to mobile

The safer way to store your data

CouchDB is one of the most well-known in the NoSQL ecosystem. Built for Big Data as well as mobile applications, it is incredibly flexible thanks to its schema-free document model. Easy to use, easy to query thanks to its JSON format use, with powerful tools and scalable architecture, it is the best candidate for your growing service. Developed by Apache using Erlang, it is also the backend solution behind commercial services like Cloudant.

Mobile access

Your data need to be available anywhere, especially when you develop for mobile contexts. That’s why we do not limit the connection to your databases. Feel free to connect to your instances from anywhere. Create as many databases as you need, as well as many users as you want. Rely on PouchDB for mobile sync using the Couch Replication Protocol.

Daily backup

Thanks to its fault-tolerant architecture, it’s almost impossible to lose data from a CouchDB instance. However, having recovery solutions is a must-have, that’s why we backup your databases every day. You can then recover your data from any point, effortlessly.

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