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The rocket you need to speed your Web service.

A distributed in-memory cache for all your needs

High-performance object caching

When your web app or service generate a significant amount of rendered data, this often has a dramatic impact on your performance when it comes to rebuilding the entire content for each request. Storing arbitrary content, from strings to objects, can improve your rendering time. By skipping time-consuming tasks and using pre-computed in-memory content, you make your service run faster. Memcached is a server solution that allows you to access an in-memory cache to store and retrieve anything you need from your codebase.

Available from everywhere

Frameworks, solutions, and even all web languages like PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js® bring support for the Memcached protocol. You can enable and use it from any point of your codebase or service to decrease its response time. We embed a Memcached server in all our plans but shared one. All you need to do is start to use it, anywhere.

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Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system

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