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The most famous document-oriented database engine, available effortlessly in your account.

An open source enterprise-grade database

NoSQL for real Humans

MongoDB is a powerful, fast and scalable database engine suited for large applications. Store your data in JSON — or BSON — format and request them using a JavaScript syntax queries. Used from small projects to Big Data services, MongoDB helps you to rethink your data flow to improve the way you interact with it. Create all the databases you need, attach as many users as you want to them, and manage their permissions to keep your data safe.

Unlimited remote access

We choose not to limit the remote access to your databases engines for all our data storage solutions. You can use whatever solution you prefer to access your data and connect to your MongoDB instances from anywhere.

Daily backup

We backup your databases along with your account data every day. You never risk data loss and you can always rollback your data from a previous daily state. Every one of your backups is accessible from your account userspace.

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MongoDB is a document-oriented DBMS (Database management system), known as NoSQL engines (non-relational database).

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MongoDB Official Website

MongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need

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