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As many databases as you need, hosted on the latest version of the MariaDB engine.

The most popular database server

SQL server for the masses

A fork of the original MySQL database engine, built by the former developers and creator of MySQL, MariaDB is the one of the most popular open source relational database system. Its sturdy, extensible and modern architecture makes it the default choice for many web developers for storing information.

Fitted for production use

You often need a bunch of databases for your services. Whether you need to host one table or thousands, we give you the flexibility you need to adopt for adaptable infrastructure. Create and manage as many databases as you need. Create users and give them fine permissions to keep your data safe across your services. You manage your databases directly from your interface, according to your needs.

Daily backup

Data is crucial. It’s the heart of your service. Nobody wants to be confronted with data loss. That’s why we include a dump of all your databases in our daily backup. Easy to export, and easy to restore thanks to the mysql command or our restoration tool. If you prefer graphical interfaces, we provide you with the latest version of phpMyAdmin, so that you can manage your databases efficiently.

Access from everywhere

We know that you may need to access your databases over the Internet, for various reasons. We do not limit database access to our network. You can connect and use your database from anywhere. Whether for your development purposes or production contexts, your data remains available.

Fully compatible with MySQL

MariaDB is a fork of the original version of MySQL. Done by its creator and developers of the original team, they work at MariaDB as a drop-in replacement for MySQL. Fully compatible with MySQL 5.3 and above, it is faster, more robust, and more reliable than its parent. Ready to use in production.

For the dedicated environment, we can switch your database to a plain MySQL version instead of a MariaDB engine if you’re more confident with this.

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