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Open source for distributed queues

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RabbitMQ is a message-oriented broker. It is designed to handle thousands of messages and is ready-to-use for small business as well as large enterprises. It puts in a queue, distributes, and serves messages across all your systems. It’s the broker in use behind most background processing frameworks, like Celery, Sneakers; and PubSub libraries like Hutch, Thumper, or rabbit.js. We already embed a RabbitMQ instance in all our plans.

Distribute messages easily

RabbitMQ offers a lightweight solution to messaging. Ready to use, its high-availability design allows you to share your bus-messaging across multiple servers or instances to help you to manage consistency between several apps when scalling. With a wide range of supported protocols and languages, it is the best open source brokers solution, already embedded in your account.

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RabbitMQ is the most widely deployed open source message broker.

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