HTTP configuration: your own HTTP server instance, customizable guidelines

SSL: configuration of (unlimited) certificates

Auto-installable applications: with one click install WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, phpBB...

Statistics: access to a Piwik platform, configuration of the statistics per site

Optimization: coaching in optimizing your applications

Probes: monitoring probe setting by address, with alert sendings to our team


Many technologies PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Java, Lua, OCaml, Erlang

Total SSH access: PHP (php.ini, PECL/PEAR), Python (pip), Ruby (gem, rbenv). Installation of libraries, languages, etc.



Registration: purchase, renewal and transfer of numerous geographic and/or generic extensions.

DNS records: personalization of DNS zones



PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, CouchDB, MongoDB

Advanced: remote access allowed, visualization/stop of current requests, management of users permissions (read only)

HTTP access: phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin

Global users: access to all accounts bases

RabbitMQ support


unlimited mailbox

Customized configuration: anti-spam, anti-virus, automatic response, quotas, Sieve scripts

DKIM, SPF support

HTTP access: webmail Roundcube

Queue: consultation, sending (away), removal


Protocols: SSH, SCP, SFTP, FTP(S), WebDAV

API: simple and secured REST application interface

Global users: access to all account files via SSH


Contact by: tickets, IRC (Freenode) or Twitter (@alwaysdata)

Warranties: Guaranteed response time 1h, Guaranteed fault repair time 4h, availability rate 99,7%

Warranties: Guaranteed response time 30mn, Guaranteed fault repair time 2h, availability rate 99,8%

Warranties: Guaranteed response time 15mn, Guaranteed fault repair time 1h, availability rate 99,9%

Telephone support during working hours, urgent tickets (7/7, 24/24)


Payment methods: credit/debit card, PayPal, direct debit, wire transfer, cheque

Permissions: Personalize access (billing, technical) to multiple users


Backups: daily (30 days retention in another datacenter) and access in read-only from your space

IPv6: 100% of the infrastructure accessible in IPv6

Advanced: Scheduled tasks (on crontab), process analysis

Firewall: editing your own filtering rules

VPN: establish a secure tunnel to your server using OpenVPN, IPSec or stunnel