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More than just a hosting provider.
alwaysdata has built its infrastructure to give you the most robust environment to run your services.
Simple, smart, suited to your needs.

Run on its own

A fully-controlled environment

alwaysdata owns its own infrastructure, including — but not limited to — servers, racks, network equipment, and everything needed to run our platform. We operate our independent network (AS60362). This guarantees we have a full end-to-end control. For our customers, this is a guarantee of privacy, security, performance, and excellent quality of service.

Physical hosting

Our physical hosting is handled by Equinix, a world leader in data center hosting with over 145 locations worldwide. Equinix guarantees a certified (SSAE16, ISO, LEED, Uptime Institute) average availability in excess of 99.99999%.

We have located our infrastructure at data centers in Paris, France. This ensures excellent European connectivity. We plan to deploy racks in more countries to reduce the distance between you and your customers.


We carefully select the hardware we install in our servers. Each part comes from the latest generations of products from well-known manufacturers — Intel, Western Digital, Supermicro, and so-on. We also offer various configuration options. This lets you to find the best-personalized configuration for your dedicated servers. All our servers use SSDs for blazingly fast data storage.

High Reliability

Two entirely independent electrical systems power all of our types of equipment. UPS systems and electric generators ensure uninterrupted power supply even if the power failure were to last for several days.

Two independent systems handle the air conditioning in the server areas. Each one can maintain stable temperatures regardless of outdoor conditions.

Failure simulations on electric and air conditioning systems are conducted every month to check and improve operations for all equipment, including emergency standby systems.


Several probes, located internally and externally, worldwide, monitor all our equipment. This ensures that we are immediately alerted if an unwanted event occurs and can’t be automatically corrected.

Our engineers are on call 24/7, allowing us to respond to an emergency alert just a few minutes after its detection.

Technicians are present in data centers 24/7 to carry out operations requested by our engineers.


Two redundant power supplies power every server.

All data storage is on RAID1 and hot-swappable.

Spare hardware is kept on the premises to immediately replace any defective part or even a whole server.

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