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Backups: your data, secured.

Your data is the most important thing you have. You should not have to take care of its sustainability by yourself. We handle it for you. Daily backups, for all your data. All included.

Rollback what you need, when you want

Automatic Backups. Safe location.

Backups are stored in a dedicated data center, separated from the production ones. It means your data are securely stored in another location to prevent data loss in case of production site failure.

Each account has its own backup. Each backup occurs every day. Each daily backup is available for 30 days. It includes your data stored on disk, e-mails, and databases.

Direct Access

Backups are available in read-only mode from your account. You can access them through SSH / (s)FTP / FTP / WebDAV to download them if you need or explore them like a real filesystem.


Filesystem virtually exposes backups in your account’s home folder. To restore content, you can use our restoration tool available in your admin panel: select the concerned snapshot and the files / e-mail accounts / databases to restore. Submit it, it’s done!

If you prefer manual actions, or if your prefer to review documents before restoring them, use rsync or copy-paste content from the wanted backup directory: you rollback your data.

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Each account on alwaysdata gets its own filesystem. Here's how to get access on it and what is in it.

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Restore a backup

The backups of your files, emails and databases are located in the ~/admin/backup directory of your account. You can restore them via the Advanced > Backup recovery menu.

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