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Network & Security

We owe you more than just remote access. That’s why we operate our independent network (AS60362), and we let you manage your domains directly from your control center. Everything needs to be simple.

A secured, independent, network

Our own network

We choose to operate our network to ensure full independence. No intermediaries means more trust in our infrastructure, network included. All our network equipment, switches, routers, operate in pairs. Their hardware come from two separate manufacturers. In case of hardware or software failure, we guarantee service continuity.

Four fully redundant operators ensure our connectivity. This means no risk of interruption, nor limitation. It also guarantees net neutrality.


Every server runs its own dedicated firewall, with a set of well-customized blocking rules to keep your services safe. Only ports for running servers and apps are open. We monitor and block unwanted traffic to your accounts. Plus, we choose not to filter output, leaving you free to use what you want in term of outsourcing traffic. Running your apps in a high-security environment is easy!

To be sure you won’t be affected by a malicious intrusion, we also include a Web Application Firewall. Set at the site level, it filters requests based on the OWASP recommended ruleset using an intrusion detection engine. Your apps are well-protected against malicious intrusions like XSS, SQL-injection, and more. Natively.


We take care of attacks, especially DDoS. Every server is configured to automatically resist average level attacks. In case of a massive attack, anti-DDoS protections are automatically activated through our access providers, using two redundant implementations.

When complexly formed attacks happen, our engineers can define personalized blocking rules. If necessary, they coordinate with our network providers.

In case of extremely massive attack — hundreds of GB per sec — a DNS re-routing strategy to a third-party provider can be set up. The scenario is regularly simulated and tested.


We natively support IPv6 for all our services. All your customers with an IPv6 address provided by their ISP can access your services and web apps through this protocol. You’re Internet future-proofed by design!

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