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Scalability for peaks

Even during a high traffic peak, your service or web app should not be impacted. We ensure you always have the requested resources to power everything you need. No action required.

Ensuring uninterrupted service

Elastic resources

Traffic to your services or web apps is never linear. You often face consumption peaks, relating to external events. Those events may be unpredictable, which is a complex use-case to address.

Our system distributes the available resources equally between all accounts on a server. When your account encounters consumption peaks, the platform redistributes its resources, from accounts who don’t need them, to yours one. It guarantees your service won’t slow-down and remains efficiently available to your customers.

For high-density traffic that you want to spread across multiple servers, we can configure a load-balancing interface in front. It distributes requests between your instances to decrease the load on each of them.

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Migration management

A migration is an operation that involves changes to technical features of your account. For example, a migration could be an upgrade to a new version of MySQL.

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User permissions

As it is usual to involve several different players in its data hosting, our administration interface allows to give permissions different granular levels.

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