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We never leave you lost on the Internet

Being stuck within an unresponsive server can be a nightmare. Our infrastructure ensures that you never have to suffer from poor hardware, ever. Maximum power. Everywhere.

Full service for everyone

Rock-solid platform

Our platform was developed for and is fully suited to embedding the latest generation software, OS, servers, interpreters, databases, brokers, and more. Everything is built and tested by our team of engineers to bring you the most powerful platform possible. Nothing to do at your end, just push your code, and it works!

Latest generation servers

To ensure your services are always running under the best conditions, we choose our hardware from the latest generation system from well-known manufacturers. CPU, RAM, Network equipment, everything is tailored to power your services and web apps at their best. All storage uses SSDs for fast data access, so I/O bottlenecks are a thing of the past.


You guarantees depend on your level of service:

Environment Intervention Time Fault Repair Time Availability Rate Redundancy
Shared Environment 1 hour 4 hours 99.7%
VPS Environment 30 minutes 2 hours 99.8%
Dedicated Environment 15 minutes 1 hours 99.9%
Gold Environment 15 minutes 1 hours 99.95%

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Sign up on the platform is fast and easy. It gives you access to all available services. You can then have a preview of our service for free. You are also free to choose another premium plan whenever you need to.

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Our dedicated environment users can use probes to monitor and check their services are online. If a probe reports an issue, our engineers team is immediately alerted.

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Follow our services status

We’ve just put online a website dedicated to our services status, on You can view current, past or planned operations.