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We built custom images based on Debian x64 operating system. Our servers are fully-protected by a rock solid GNU/Linux distribution, tested and improved by the community. We embed everything needed to run our servers at their best.

Robust software

GNU Linux powered

We use native features from the Linux kernel and the Debian distribution to offer full-access to advanced technologies: SSH access, generalized IPV6, scheduled tasks, VPN, and more.


We build an advanced configurable system which allows you to fine-tune your software and application instances, like Apache configuration, php.ini, databases, Sieve scripts, and way more.

Remotely available

You often need to access your services outside of the server itself. We’ve got this covered too. You get remote access available to all services, databases included. All alwaysdata’s configuration options are also available through a standardized REST API.


Upgrading an OS isn’t an easy task, as it often requires rebooting the system, or at least restarting services. To ensure you never suffer from a service outage, we offer an automated tool that lets you to migrate your accounts and servers when you’re ready. The migration is then transparent, thanks to our reverse-proxy engine. You can check that everything works fine in a staged environment automatically provisioned from your account, then execute the full migration. This gives you autonomy and flexibility.



Each account, from shared hosting to the dedicated servers, is isolated from others by running in a container using Cgroups. It ensures you won’t be affected by others accounts running services or applications on the same hardware.


The resources are shared equally between all accounts running on a server. They’re also adjusted in real-time when necessary. By capping them on-demand, we guarantee you won’t be affected by an over-use from another account.


Each account can temporarily consume more resources without having an impact on others. In the case you need more power, we ensure you can use what you need by distributing resources when others don’t use them. In shared hosting, your resources are capped, and we always ensure other accounts consumption never impact you, regarding the limits of your plan.


Each account runs its independent instances, like for the Apache server. It means you can easily customize your instances to fit your needs perfectly.


Even in case of breach, from a web service or web app, or from a server or a language interpreter, only the compromised account is impacted. Others remain safe.

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Migration management

A migration is an operation that involves changes to technical features of your account. For example, a migration could be an upgrade to a new version of MySQL. Available migrations are shown in the menu Advanced > Migrations in the alwaysdata administration. New migrations are continuously added, and we send out email notifications to our clients to keep them informed.

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