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Code with <3

Whoever you are, whatever you love, we've got you covered! As we're confident you've picked the right language for your project, based on your needs and preferences, alwaysdata is here to make your life easier. Run any language you want without compromise.

alwaysdata's platform is dedicated to you. No matter your needs, we're here to handle them. Publishing at alwaysdata is as simple as that. You code. We run.

The widest support possible

alwaysdata's platform comes with built-in support for all the Web languages you'll need: PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, Go, and much more! Pick yours and run!

We support a wide range of versions to ensure compatibility with your project. Major and minor releases, integration of official security patches: reduce your run constraints.

LAMP stack?

Of course the famous LAMP stack is available! Do you run a Web app or service with the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP combo? Good news: this is one of our default configurations!

Deploying a LAMP compatible app is easy as pie! Commit your code or copy it to your server: your site is up and running!

Run in advance!

We know exotic configurations are sometimes required. No worries: you can run any x86 compatible binary from your account! Simply place it on your disk space, add a new custom site, and fill the command to run!

Rubyist? Pythonista? Exploit to your heart's content!

We rarely use a language from scratch. At alwaysdata, we're very committed to Django, and we know you have your own lovely framework too! Whether you develop with Flask or Django, Sinatra or Ruby on Rails, you can run them here!

Advanced configuration often relies on strong stacks: brokers, Redis, Elasticsearch... With alwaysdata they're all here for you!

Start with alwaysdata

Sign up on the platform is fast and easy. It gives you access to all available services. You can then have a preview of our service for free. You are also free to choose another premium plan whenever you need to.

Microservices fan? Mix'em all!

Microservices advocate for small apps all running their own part of the bigger plan. The capability to use the right language for the right utility is an enormous advantage. alwaysdata accounts don't limit you to a single config: run as many sites you need, each with a different language.

alwaysdata's platform also offers a built-in isolation feature: run your sites in their own containers, declare as many sites or services as you need, and keep them safe from each other!

Futurist? Embrace all the futures!

Embrace alwaysdata's advanced capabilities, and live in the future! Run tools like Elixir, Erlang, Go, Scala, Lua or stick to the old reliables: even Perl runs straight out-of-the-box.

Realtime addict? Perfect Node.js support!

Running multiple instances can quickly become a nightmare. Not with alwaysdata! Run as many services as you need, each on its own dedicated port. Easy to run, easy to debug!

As modern languages come with modern tools, all package managers, from NPM to Cargo, are ready to run, even at an isolated global level!