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Elixir is a functional programming language. It uses a smart isolated processes design with a bus messages pattern for fast scaling. It is ideally suited to developing high-traffic backends.

Be smart at scale

A fast and fault-tolerant application

As Elixir uses the Erlang VM, it is allowed to run low-latency applications. Based on a supervisor architecture, it allows your application to fail and restart from a state-guaranteed point. Using the Phoenix framework, it brings you a modern ecosystem. Build applications that can grow fast without worrying about their maintainability.

Scale faster

Elixir’s hot-swapping design is a perfect solution for fast deployment. Run as many sites as you need to get a full-concurrency design; scale your sites as you need; hot-swap modules to upgrade your web app, without interrupting your service. Smart, and powerful!

Multi-versions support

Like others, Elixir is continuously evolving, so we provide you with several versions to allow you to set your site configuration according to your needs. You can even specify environment variables to preset your context and safely run your codebase in production.

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Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.

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Hosting an Elixir application with alwaysdata

This func­tion­al lan­guage, cre­at­ed in 2011 and using the Erlang VM, is known among oth­er things for its fault tol­er­ance and hot swap­ping.