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Build real-time applications for your network related services. From micro-services to high-traffic web applications, you can be sure that your production code will never be restricted.

Fast exchanges between critical nodes

Build powerful server-side components

Erlang lets you build massively scalable soft real-time systems. When you need to work on critical nodes, like some components dedicated to fast-exchanges between systems, Erlang is a perfect candidate.

If you need to develop complete Web solutions, you can rely on the Chicago Boss Framework or Zotonic to build advanced Web-oriented projects. They both let you design complex distributed applications, so that you can easily stick to a Hexagonal architecture.

Smart for all web-related needs

Whether you want to run a complete Web site or just a small dedicated service. Erlang lets you build applications with concurrency in mind. With native support for WebSocket, RAM and CPU optimization, fast garbage collection, and more, you can stay confident in every use-case.

With hot code upgrades by design, you will never encounter any interruption of service when deploying your application. Develop critical components, and relax!

Easy to run

Erlang interpreter is built-in in our platform. It lets you run any Erlang-based codebase as a user program effortlessly. Use environment variable and custom arguments to set up your instance for a simple run.

Use the same codebase in both staging and production environment: just switch your environment, hot reload your code and you’re done!

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