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The power of a statically typed compiled language brought to web developers. Developed as a portable language, it gives you the flexible and modular construction you need, to deploy and run faster than ever.

No more choosing between scripted and compiled languages

As simple as fast

If you need a fast, clean and efficient solution, then you’ve found your champion! Go is a powerful language that takes its power from a smart concurrency mechanisms pattern. It’s an ideal companion for building powerful programming interfaces like APIs using Beego or Iris frameworks. If you need to serve in-browser interfaces, you can rely on Macaron, Gin, or Revel.

Ready to run

As Go is a compiled language, it is ready to run on your alwaysdata’s account. Just configure your site to run a custom command, and fill-in your Go executable. That’s all! No configuration, no complex deployment, no bunch of static files to upload. Just push, and run!

Compile on server

Compiling is often a tedious task. Rather than doing it locally, you can automate the process with some Git hooks and use your alwaysdata’s account as a CI solution. When you update your branch, it can trigger a task on the server that updates your vendors files through Git, compile your project with Go, and run your tests. The git and go commands are built-in our platform, ready to be used.

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