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Java is one of the most popular languages, used everywhere in our digital world. Ready to tackle your complex use-cases, use it along with Struts or Spring for a complete Web aware solution.

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Stick to your needs

Java is snowballing, and it’s sometimes complicated to stick to the latest version as it often implies upgrading a large part of your codebase and its dependencies. That’s why we embed versions from 7 to 10 into our platform. No need to adapt your code, we’re ready to power your app. Need to run your build process on the server for deployment? Install Maven and compile your project directly on the server!

Web-oriented frameworks

As you probably want to run a Web solution on alwaysdata’s platform, you need a Web framework to power your application. Use modern tools like Struts or Vert.X, or stay faithful to bigger ones like GWT, Play, or venerable Grails.

Often used as a sturdy base for E-commerce solutions, thanks to its ability to run large applications, that can scale very efficiently, you can use Hybris for a massive base of products, Broadleaf or KonaKart for an integrated, multi-channel solution.

Customize as you need

Your Java apps can be launched as a user program in our administration panel. This way, our reverse-proxy wakes up your app when it needs it to handle incoming requests, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining it online by yourself.

Use environment variables to customize the execution context and pass custom arguments at launch to keep it in production state, every time.

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