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No matter you come from frontend or backend development. If you know JavaScript, then run your code everywhere! Using SSR, pre-generate your content on server-side and use the same codebase in your browser.

JavaScript everywhere
Develop once, run on the server

Handle complex requests without a mess

Node.js® uses the Chromium V8 JavaScript engine to run your JS codebase on the server-side. With its asynchronous design, it lets you building scalable network applications in a straightforward way. The event loop pattern makes it the ideal candidate for real-time apps, as with websockets design. Because of its nature, you can use the same codebase on the server as well as in the browser, allowing you to use isomorphic design.

Use wide-environment setup

Node.js® is used to rely on the environment variables to preset its context. We allow you to customize them in your site configuration to help you to run your codebase. No matter the web framework you’re using, from Express to Meteor; no matter if you’re using React, Angular.js, or Vue.js and Nuxt.js for your server-side rendering, all of them are configurable through their environment variables.

Large range of supported versions

Node.js® is evolving quickly, and sometimes you can’t merely upgrade your codebase to stick to the latest stable version. That’s why we provide you with a broad set of Node.js® versions, from 6.x to the latest stable versions. Of course, we also support the LTS version to bring you stability.

Packages ready

Node.js® couldn’t be this fantastic ecosystem without the NPM registry. Use npm or yarn from your account shell to provision your packages into your project. Need to use it globally? No problem. Use the classic --global flag, and your package is installed globally to your account, available for all your projects. No need to configure anything on your side.

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As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications.

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Using Node.js® in your alwaysdata account is straight. If you already know how to use Node.js® in a Unix environment (like GNU/Linux), then you're ready!

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