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PHP is an interpreted language especially in-use for web development. Use PHP frameworks like Symfony, Zend, CakePHP, or Laravel to build powerful web apps.

Fully customizable PHP environment

Per site environment

Each site in an account can specify a PHP version to use. It can also declare specific configurations (php.ini directives) that are applied to the site only. It means you don’t have to worry about compatibility between all your apps using PHP in an account. Each app has its environment and can override it.

User-spaced extensions & modules

PHP comes with a rich ecosystem of extensions to bring more features to the core interpreter. It comes from databases drivers to protocol support or encoding features. We embed a standard set of PHP extensions, disabled by default for most of them. You can enable them in your php.ini custom settings.

If you miss an extension, feel free to install it by yourself into your account. Your userspace is yours, you can install whatever you need inside it. Rely on PECL to install it locally, and load it into your php.ini config.

If you need to install some PHP libraries, you can rely on Composer to install, update, and manage them. The composer command is built-in our environment, so it’s ready to use in your deployment workflows.

Customizable default settings

If you develop several websites and apps with a default environment, given PHP version and php.ini directives, you can easily specify a set of setting rules for your account. All your new PHP websites use it by default. A shared configuration easy to apply to all your sites, effortlessly.

Large versions range

PHP is an active project with frequents updates, even on various major branches — for security releases. We provide your account with a broad range of maintained and secured versions, from legacy PHP 4.x to the most recent PHP 7.x releases. You freely choose which version to run, by default or per site.

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