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Python is a powerful interpreted programming language with endless possibilities. Bring your web app more flexibility when developing services. Improve your workflow with frameworks like Django, Flask, Celery, Tornado, and more.

Python at its best

Python 2 & 3 compatible

We provide our servers with a wide range of maintained Python versions, from 2.4.x to 3.7.x. No need to adapt your development to your hosting plan, it’s already compatible! Each version can be specified per site. If you’re used to stick to a specific version for all your apps, you can even define it as the default one, for all your new sites.

Virtualenv built-in support

We often rely on virtualenv to create a sandboxed, replicable, environment for our various needs, project by project. No reason to not use it in your hosting plan: each site has an option to specify a path to a virtualenv directory. Initialize it over an SSH connection, and it’s ready-to-use!

pip ready

Python is a rich ecosystem with thousands of modules like aiohttp, ready to help you in your daily use. Installing them can become a nightmare, that’s why we use pip as a packages manager. We built-in the pip command, so you can use it in your deployment workflows as well as in your virtualenvs to populate them with your dependencies and frameworks like Falcon or Pyramid.

Environment aware

Just specify a WSGI app, and it’s done. Nothing more to do. You can also finely tune the uWSGI instance configuration if you need. Using environment variables can be useful when running your apps, especially when you need to define a context (e.g., development vs. production).

We allow you to define all configurations per site, so you can run the same instance of your web app with different contexts, and switch between them by using two different URLs. Same codebase, different contexts, different working directories, and they become different web apps.

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