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Ruby is a flexible and powerful object-oriented language. It gained its reputation from the reliable use of functional and imperative programming. Use it for web apps with popular frameworks like Rails or Sinatra.

From Ruby to Gems, become a jeweler

Large versions range

As Ruby is a rich and fast-evolving language, it is still available in 1.x and 2.x versions. We maintain both, so you don’t have to adapt your codebases, even the legacy ones. Each site can use a different version, even in the same account. In case you’re familiar with a specific one for all your projects, just set it in your account configuration, so it becomes your default one.

Rack-enabled application

Rack is a fast, modern, pluggable requests engine that is often used in front of any web-oriented Ruby projects. We rely on it to serve your apps on your hosting account. Whether you choose to work with Rails or Sinatra, Rack is ready to handle all of your applications.

If your legacy code is stuck to an old Rails version (prior to 2.x), you can select a specific configuration in your site setting to have it served properly. No need to update your codebase, we’re ready to handle it!

Bundler for flexibility

With a vast library of modules — aka Gems — available to improve your developments, Ruby is a complete ecosystem. Dealing with package management and versions is often a mess, that’s why we embed Bundler support to serve your app. This way your project is launched in a controlled environment with the dependencies versions you expect. It’s ready to run.


It’s sometimes useful rely on environment variables to preset your app. You may also want to finely-tune the uWSGI configuration we use to run your Rack instance. Each site can use a dedicated preset to let you adapt it to your code, effortlessly.

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Using Ruby in your alwaysdata account is straight. If you already know how to use Ruby in a Unix environment (like GNU/Linux), then you're ready!

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