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Need to write once and run everywhere? Why not try Scala?

Combines the best of a modern world

A high-level programming language

Scala is high-level programming language that combines the modern features we expect in day-to-day use. It’s both statically typed and object-oriented. Need a more powerful approach? Use its functional design to stick to functional programming patterns. Rely on implicit classes to extend the core features. Want to be a hipster? Use Traits, Tuples, and Polymorphic inheritance!

Scala runs everywhere: you can use it server-side by running it in the JVM. If you prefer to run your codebase in the browser, then use Scala.js to transpile your application in ES6, and serve it in your customers browser. Need a portable output? Then compile your codebase through LLVM with Scala Native and get a binary ready to run on our platform for fast execution!

Ready to tackle Web experiments

Scala is ready to run in a Web-aware environment, thanks to modern frameworks. If you’re looking for a smart solution that allows you to develop your own DSL, then Twitter’s Finatra is your champion. Inspired by Sinatra (the Ruby framework, not the famous singer), it’s a highly-scalable solution to development elegant micro-services. When looking for a complete Web-related suite, then the Play Framework, already known for sustaining the Web Java community, is also compatible with Scala.

Run on-premise

Run your code on our platform as a user program and get all the benefits of a highly customizable environment. Define environment variables, workspace, custom arguments, and everything you need to run your embed web server in the way you want. Simple to set up, simple to deploy, easy to upgrade: you’ll never face any issues when running a codebase on a hosting platform.

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