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Even if e-mails tend to be one the most ancient feature of the Internet, it’s still crucial for everyday communication. Maintaining a robust e-mail stack isn’t trivial, this is why we provide a full-featured messaging solution.

Modern e-mails for everyone

Unlimited mailboxes

We know that facing limitations, especially when configuring new mailboxes for newcomers, can be very frustrating. We don’t limit addresses per domains, so you can specify as many mailboxes as you need. Each one can acts as a regular box, as a redirection to one or many others accounts, or both. You choose how you want to interact with your daily e-mails.

Custom configuration

Each configured mailbox owns its configuration, so be free to specify any behaviors. From redirection to automatic response, every user can specify its rules.


Despite its everyday utility, e-mail is also a vector of spam and various malware propagation. That’s why each mailbox is protected by anti-spam, anti-scam, and anti-virus filters. You choose what to do with the detected malicious messages, from quarantine to deletion.

Server-side filtering

We receive hundreds of e-mail per day. Filtering e-mail is a smart solution to prevent your inbox explosion. Unfortunately, this is often done locally by your messaging client. It means you can’t have filtered content if you consult your e-mails from another device. To solve this, we are one of the only providers to implement Sieve scripts on server-side. Just declare your rules, and every new e-mail passes through your filters, independently from the device you use to consult your inbox.

Multipoint access

We all get multi-devices, from laptop to cell-phone. To get fast and easy access to your e-mail, we provide you with various channels: IMAP (or POP), HTTPS Webmail, Queue messaging consultation (for VPS and Dedicated Servers). You choose the best way to get access to your mailbox.


Sometimes, having just a multi-redirect e-mail isn’t enough to get every concerned people aware of incoming messages. We offer a mailing-list system to ensure you can define a single entry-point for large addresses lists. You can keep your communication consistent for all your customers.

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Create a mailbox

In the Emails > Addresses menu of your administration interface you can create mailboxes (if you already add a domain name).

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A catch-all allows to collect everything sent to a non-existent address (subdomain or email address).

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Stay close to your people: here are the mailing lists!

Just log in to your account, and go to the new Mailing-list section, it’s enabled by default, as every service we offer.