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Built-in Customizable HTTP Server

To bring your Web service or app up, you need a flexible HTTP instance. We know that your needs can come from a simple HTTP instance to a full-custom one. We choose to give you the most powerful environment by letting you choose what’s the best for you.

Choose your server according to your expectations

An integrated reverse-proxy

You can host as many sites as you need on a given account. You’re also free to choose different technologies behind every site. To make things easier for you, we expose a built-in reverse-proxy. It handles the external HTTP(s) requests, and wake-up your upstream HTTP instances to serve your data. From a simple Apache instance to a full-custom command-line server, we’re ready to serve anything you want to your visitors.

Your own Apache instance

If you need a standard LAMP stack or even need to host static files, then you’ve got a built-in Apache into your account. It is your own, as each account has a separate dedicated instance. If you need to personalize it, you can run a full-custom instance, with a complete hand on the configuration.

WSGI/Rack for flexibility

Do you run a Python or Ruby/Rails Web service? We’re ready to handle it for you. Just specify a WSGI or Rack entry point, and your HTTP server is ready to run. A separate uWSGI instance for each site stays in charge of serving your data. You get your hands on to customize its configuration in advanced mode if needed.

Custom Web Server for power

DevOps is part of our job. We know that modern technologies like Node.js® or Elixir are more and more in use for Web services. You can choose to run them on your account effortlessly: set your HTTP server to listen to given address/port. They are exposed as environment variables for increased flexibility, allowing you to keep your code away from production considerations.

Custom command to never been lost

Need to run a server in Golang? A micro-service in Haskell? No problem. Setup the command-line input and its arguments, and our reverse-proxy runs it when an external request needs to use it. No need to deal with awkward configurations, we handle the complexity on our side.

Start with alwaysdata

Sign up on the platform is fast and easy. It gives you access to all available services. You can then have a preview of our service for free. You are also free to choose another premium plan whenever you need to.

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