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As smooth as snapping your fingers! Useful for everyday installs. We offer you a marketplace to help you deploy the most often used solutions with just 1-click!

1-click Install

Simple to deploy

Installing a framework or a Web application can take a lot of effort to get it properly configured for your hosting needs. We think your valuable time is better spent creating things than configuring them.

Your admin interface offers a list of supported solutions, applications, and frameworks, you can quickly deploy. The marketplace uses a scripts system that downloads and installs the last available version, and provision it with your account’s specific settings. You can jump to your Web site address to enjoy your newly deployed application.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can install your own solution in your account, of course. But if you need to do it often or if you think the project can be useful to others, then automate it! Our deployment architecture for the marketplace scripts is documented and standardized. Develop your scripts, and push them to the community!


We cover the most used solutions to help you in your day-by-day processes. You will find popular solutions like:


Sometimes, you need an easy to deploy framework as a basis for your business. We cover solutions like:

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Sign up on the platform is fast and easy. It gives you access to all available services. You can then have a preview of our service for free. You are also free to choose another premium plan whenever you need to.

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Are you ready to rule the World?

Among the reasons we had to rebuild our marketplace, is the ability to create and distribute install scripts efficiently.


Frameworks… everywhere…

We built Hello World examples for all of them, and that’s what you’ll deploy when installing it.


Are you ready for a new place where everything starts?

A feature we wanted to rethink from scratch for a while is our 1-click install. We offer a simple way to deploy pre-provisioned app in your user space.