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Securely Connected

Relying on legacy FTP to transfer your files is outdated. You need a safe and robust solution to upload your data. You also need a solution for your remote servers that’s as simple as working in your local filesystem.

Remote filesystem accessible from everywhere

SSH for remote execution

Nowadays, deploying a Web application is a little bit more complicated than just uploading a bunch of files to a remote server. From executing a git command to getting the latest version of your production branch, to migrating databases or calling up a package manager like bundler or npm, you need a remote shell. We know that, that’s why we provide a default built-in access to your remote filesystem through SSH. You’re ready to run every command of your choice directly on our infrastructure.

SFTP ready for deployment

Pushing files to your remote account must be painless. If you don’t rely on a versioning manager tool, you can transfer your files through a secured protocol with SFTP. Based on SSH, it allows you to upload, synchronize, and remotely deal with your filesystem effortlessly. Coupled with rsync, pushing your code online becomes a no-question point.

Customization at user-level

Being as comfortable in your remote shell as on your local terminal is important. You have your habits, your scripts, your prompt. No reason for you to be forced to adapt to the remote environment. We get that! So we let you use in your own interface to choose which shell you want to use in your account. From venerable Bash to modern alternatives such as Zsh or fish, they’re all available. Pair them with a manager like zplug for a compelling environment customization.

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Each account on alwaysdata gets its own filesystem. Here's how to get access on it and what is in it.

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Secured remote access, the hard way

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Deploy at lightning speed with Git hooks

Many protocols are available at alwaysdata for accessing your accounts remotely: SSH, FTP, WebDAV, etc. However, it seems that deploying an app in production suffers from a lack of flexibility. So, we decided to take care of that.