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Secured HTTP layer, everywhere

Ensuring privacy protection for all of your users is a must-have. This starts by offering a well-secured layer for their HTTP requests using SSL/TLS. Because we believe in privacy, we include native TLS support.

SSL & TLS by design

Let’s Encrypt by default

Buying an SSL/TLS certificate for your website is a cost that most projects can’t afford. We choose to rely on Let’s Encrypt to provide each new site with a certificate for free. There’s nothing to do at your end and our platform uses the Let’s Encrypt API generated and automatically renewed a certificate to protect your site by default.

Secure all services

All services offered by the alwaysdata’s platform are secured by an SSL/TLS layer. No matter you want to reach FTP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, Databases, Shell, or whatever. They’re safe by design.

Certificates protection for every site

HTTPS means you protect the HTTP tunnel between the clients and the server with an SSL/TLS layer. It relies on a chain of trust, which implies you must provide a certificate for your domain. We implement the SNI standard in our reverse-proxy engine. This allows you to provide different certificates for each site, even behind the same IP. We automatically choose the best certificate available, nothing to set up on your side. If you even want to provide a separated certificate for each of your sites and force their use, you can also do this. Simple and smart!

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HTTPS: native support for Let’s Encrypt

Thanks to the simplicity and quality of the services provided by Let’s Encrypt, we’ve added a great feature to alwaysdata: from now on, all your sites will be able to work using HTTPS, automatically and at no extra cost. Yes, you read that right!


Why does privacy matter?

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