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Forget Cron
Use dedicated tasks

Run every task you need at a given time effortlessly, thanks to our admin panel which lets you declare arbitrary commands to run whenever you want.

Automate tasks and start dedicated services

Run what you want, asynchronously

Being able to run a dedicated command run at a set time is often useful. From getting content from a set of URLs, to exporting content, or purging a queue, we rely on cron in many projects. Instead of using the obscure crontab syntax, we provide a dedicated interface for quickly setting up your tasks and services.

Bye bye Crontab

There are two times when you need to run a server-side command: as a daemon, or at a given interval. Whatever your use-case is, we give you the opportunity of setting up your commands directly from your administration panel. Save it as a task to run it periodically, or as a service to run it as a daemon, and it’s done. No need to write crontabs anymore. Save it, and see the execution logs from your userspace.

The service type, allowing you to daemonize your tasks, will be available soon.

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Some Web apps or services sometimes require you to run tasks periodically. From a WordPress blog where you want to rely on an OS scheduled tasks, to a broker that you need to purge from its messages queue periodically, or an RSS feed reader that you want it to retrieve its new articles at a given time, there’s plenty of use-cases.