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A built-in VPN to secure your access

Integrating an external server into your existing IT network is a critical task. We provide you with VPN gateways to ensure your data never leaks out.

Private Networks over robust encrypted channels

OpenVPN and IPsec

Using a secured channel is the best solution when you want to ensure access to your services and applications. You can of course limit connections to your server to certain IP addresses. However, if you don’t have a static IP address, this can quickly become a nightmare. A VPN is the right way to handle these situations. You can use an OpenVPN client to connect to your server and never expose your apps to the Internet.

If you need to integrate your alwaysdata’s servers into your existing IT, then connect them through IPsec, and they’ll become part of your LAN. This simplifies the security layer for you and your co-workers.

Both VPN protocols are built-into our dedicated environments.

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