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All your services in one place

100MB plan

Free for life


10GB plan

€7 VAT excl./month


20GB plan

€11 VAT excl./month


50GB plan

€22 VAT excl./month


in all our plans

  • Unlimited sites and applications

    Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc. with specific configuration per instance.

  • Full SSL support

    Free, automatic, Let's Encrypt or custom certificates.

  • Services and scheduled tasks

    Workers, user programs, scripts managed by our scheduler.

  • Managed databases

    MariaDB (MySQL) and PostgreSQL (pgBouncer and multiple extensions available).

  • Automatic backups

    Daily backups (30 days), at a separate data center and accessible 24/7.

  • Unlimited domains and emails

    Full administration of DNS zones, antispam, mailing-lists.

Deploy at your own pace!


Upload your files to your space via FTP or SFTP.

Files transfer

Choose the application from our marketplace and voilà!

Automatic installation

Push your code from your version control system or by SSH.

git or SSH deployment

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