We believe in Open Source

Open Source is both a licensing pattern and a set of ethic values. We share all of them and choose to support the community in various ways. Here’s our involvement in the Open Source ecosystem.

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Open Source Software for the whole stack

Since we started alwaysdata, we chose to rely on Open Source Software. Our servers stack uses only OSS solutions: OS, HTTP servers, databases, e-mail stack, anti-virus, etc. No closed-source tool is in use, because we’re more confident when we can review the code.

Our administration panel is developed using the Django framework and relies on open source frontend libraries. We release under open source licenses some of our developments when they can be useful to others.

Supporting the community

Hosted for free (as-in-beer)

alwaysdata wouldn't be the same adventure without the open source community. Giving back to her what she was able to offer us - and still gives us - is very important to us. This is why we offer a specific hosting plan: if you are looking for a partner to host your open source project (code repositories, websites, demos, etc.), we are here. You can apply for a 10 GB plan for free. We limit this account to active free projects only.

The following free projects are currently hosted by alwaysdata:

We are not looking to have the entire open source community hosted with alwaysdata. The world, however, needs alternatives that respect this model as much as possible. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, send us a message at community@alwaysdata.com!


If you are on the organizing team for a conference or meetup, we would love to discuss your event together. We are advocates of a world of knowledge sharing, both through our technical evangelism work, and through support for events.

Send us a message at community@alwaysdata.com to give us more information regarding your needs, the type of topics you want discuss, your actions in favor of diversity, etc. We are here to support you!

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We believe in Open Source

And all of a sud­den, Microsoft is acquir­ing GitHub, infu­ri­at­ing the open source com­mu­ni­ty in the last days. Behind the angry tweets, there’s a real­iza­tion that a monop­o­lis­tic sit­u­a­tion may jeop­ar­dize the open source ecosys­tem.


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