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We believe in Open Source

Open Source is both a licensing pattern and a set of ethic values. We share all of them and choose to support the community in various ways. Here’s our involvement in the Open Source ecosystem.

Available everywhere

Open Source Software for the whole stack

Since we started alwaysdata, we chose to rely on Open Source Software. Our servers stack uses only OSS solutions: OS, HTTP servers, databases, e-mail stack, anti-virus, etc. No closed-source tool is in use, because we’re more confident when we can review the code.

Our administration panel is developed using the Django framework and relies on open source frontend libraries. We release under open source licenses some of our developments when they can be useful to others.

Open Source Hardware for purists

We offer people who feel concerned the ability to subscribe our Dedicated Environment an open source hardware option. This option lets us to provide you with a server that uses hardware proven to be compatible with open source solutions. It uses coreboot or Libreboot, 16-cores Opteron configurations, open source firmware SSDs, etc.

If your threat model includes a risk of firmware infection or if you are just acting out of principle, we’re able to bring you open source ready solutions.

We expect to be able to open this configuration soon!

Supporting the community

Hosted for free (as-in-beer)

alwaysdata wouldn’t be the same without the Open Source Community. Giving back to the community makes sense, so we offer an Open Source Plan: if you need a hosting partner for your OSS project (repositories, websites, demos, etc.), alwaysdata is here. You can access a 10GB plan for free. We limit the account to host active open source projects only.

Here’s a shortlist of OSS projects hosted at alwaysdata yet:

We don’t expect the whole open source community to come to alwaysdata. But the world needs as many good-minded, respectful alternatives to other OSS compliant hosting solutions as there can be. If you want to benefit from this offer, get in touch at!


If you’re part of the organization team for a conference or a meetup, we would be pleased to meet you and discuss your event. We’re committed to knowledge transfer, both through our technical evangelism action and by supporting events.

Please leave us a message at to let us know more about your needs, the kind of topics you want to cover, your action in favor of diversity, etc. Our tech evangelist is here to give you a hand and support!

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We believe in Open Source

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