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To Host Small And Big Projects As A Service For All Dev(Op)s Tailor-made, A Perfect Support Built By/With/For Developers

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What We Do

Apps hosting

Code your apps and websites with any language of choice — PHP, Python, Node.js®, Ruby, and more — and we take their online availability on our side.


Host your data on last versions of databases engines like MariaDB and PostgreSQL; or NoSQL engines like CouchDB.


Set up your mailboxes with advanced antispam and Sieve filtering rules, store all your messages and access them for anywhere, securely (Webmail, StartTLS, and modern protocols).


Register your domains with more than 700 TLD available, and manage your DNS records finely (MX, SPF/DKIM, customs records).

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What’s Awesome


Automate your actions by using our API to pilot your accounts remotely. You can manage everything you want in your hosting plan.


Your apps and websites are instantly and freely available through HTTPS thanks to an automatically generated Let’s Encrypt certificate. You can also use your certificate if you want.


All your data is backed automatically every day. Files, databases, e-mails; all available readily in your home folder for 30 days.


A high-performance hosting solution, SSD-based, for all solutions like Web servers, databases, e-mails, and many more.

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